“One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.” Jim Rohn

Since Verizon appeared in 2000, I have been a customer (well except for that brief affair with T-Mobile that never gets talked about) and for the most part I was happy with their service. That was until December of last year when my year of cell phone hell began.

It began with technical support telling me I had an issue that in fact I didn’t have and escalated to numerous unfulfilled and dis-satisfactory phone calls, extremely high wireless bills, and crappy service plans. You see Verizon suddenly decided that no one should have unlimited internet anymore and instead of informing me that was the case, simply put a fraud alert on my account. Multiple times. Needless to say, I needed to get away.

I knew my contract was up in October and I was hell-bent to find someone who would appreciate my business. (Which for a single person household isn’t small potatoes. I must have a smart phone and a broadband card so they really get to sell me two plans.) After months of research I finally settled on Sprint. Why? Because they are the only wireless company that has truly unlimited internet with their broadband cards. This is crucial to me. I work from home and refuse to pay for Cox/Dish/Direct TV/Century Link to give me internet when I already pay for the Broadband card. It’s not a very sensible use of my money and in this day and age, I shouldn’t have to.

In typical Jessica fashion, I had some difficulties making the switch. (Sidenote: Amazonwireless.com is amazing, however if you are going to use it to switch to a new company, make sure the store hasn’t already created a dummy account for you.) After spending nearly 12 hours on the phone with my favorite Sprint employee, Kaylee, in their customer care department, I finally make a deal with family and got my phone free.

But of course it wouldn’t be me if that was the end.

Having an internal Verizon Broadband card meant some tricks needed to be done once that card was removed in order to make my new Overdrive work with my computer. However, Romi (my second favorite Sprint employee) made it work.

Bottom line. I move to Sprint because not only was their internet truly unlimited, but I am also going to save about $100 every month with their better plans. I’m happy to be here because of their customer service. Both Kaylee and Romi not only went above and beyond, but they were creative and thought outside the box to solve my problem. Kaylee even went so far to say “My job isn’t done until your issue is resolved to your satisfaction.” When was the last time your cell phone company said that to you?