“By giving people the power to share, we’re making the world more transparent.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Las Vegas Women’s Council’s Tech Tip



Facebook is a great place to interact with family, friends, and clients. However, if you talk too much about your business or show off that list you’re oh so proud of, you could end up with your account cancelled. The solution?

Create a Facebook Business Page.

A Business is somewhat like a website, except free and extremely user-friendly. (Plus it has the added benefit of being where your clients are.) Start one today and start making friends across the globe.

To create a page, click here.

“We are going with the newest technology available.” – Rebecca Morgan

Las Vegas Women’s Council’s Tech Tip



QR Codes and Readers


QR Codes are the wave of the future. We see them on business cards, billboards, even cereal boxes. Most recently, they are making their way into the real estate world. Not only were they very prominent at the NAR convention in New Orleans, but they have even made their way to yard signs.

For a great article on the best uses for QR Codes, click here.

Even if you’re not ready to create your own, we recommend downloading a Code Reader App for your smartphone. Below are a few recommendations.

– Blackberry: Scanlife or certainteed

– iPhone: mobiletag

– Android: QuickMark