#24 Go to a Wine Tasting


While I like wine, I’m not a wine connoisseur. I don’t know how to pair wines with food and picking a bottle to bring as a hostess gift to a dinner party still warrant a panicked phone call to my expert. Even places like Total Wine bring on flop sweats and nervous tics. That’s why a wine tasting had to be on my 30×30 list.

I chose the New Vista Wine Walk. I figure have some wine, donate to charity, and do both in the open air atmosphere of Town Square. It was an interesting experience. A lot of fun and a lot of wine. I had a blast hanging out with friends and learning just a little bit more about this thing called wine.

Participating Wineries

1. M&R Prosecco

2. M&R Asti Spumante

3. Korbel Rose

4. Korbel Brut

5. Toasted Head Untamed Red

6. Toasted Head Shiraz

7. Hogue Sauvignon Blanc

8. Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc

9. Chamisal Stainless Chardonnay

10. Rosenblum Zinfindel

11. Rosenblum Syrah

12. Valley of the Moon Pinot Noir

13. J Lohr 7 Oaks Cabernet

14. Yago Sant’Gria

15. Murphy Goode Merlot

16. Murphy Goode Pinot Grigio

17. McManis Viognier

18. FRITZ’s Riesling

19. Santa Ema Reserve Chardonnay

20. Santa Ema Reserve Merlot

*Tip – eat first.

** The walk was sponsored by SmartWater and we all got special edition SmarWater in glass bottles. Coolest party favor ever.







“Anything important is never left to the vote of the people. We only get to vote on some man; we never get to vote on what he is to do.” – Will Rogers


The Nevada Legislature belongs to the people. If you don’t believe me, spend the day in the building or listen online to a committee hearing. Legislators prefer talking to real people instead of lobbyists. They take phone calls and emails from constituents seriously. One Legislator even proposed a bill to ban early voting because someone asked him to and not necessarily because he believes it will actually pass.

As more bills are introduced in the 76th Legislative Session, the voter’s* voice is becoming increasingly important. The good news  is there is now an outlet to let that voice be heard. There is now a Share Your Opinion with the Legislature section of their website. This page allows you to express your opinion about any bill currently being heard by lawmakers. It’s pretty cool and very easy to use. I went on today to show my support for AB 273, a bill that would help homeowners in our state by preventing banks from double-dipping on insurance payments and deficiency judgments when someone goes through foreclosure. It took less than a minute.


* I say voter because your voice does weigh more if you are an actual registered voter. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain. Register here.

“And was there a lesson in all this? Huh? What did we learn about beer? Foamy! Good. Just as long as that’s clear.” – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Are you looking for a way to beat the heat in Vegas this weekend? Head on down to Town Square for the Vegas Brews event.

MDA’s first annual Vegas Brews.

4-8 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 11 at Town Square.

Sample a variety of great beers, tasty bites and enjoy live entertainment! Tickets are just $25 for the general public.

All proceeds to benefit the Southern Nevada Chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. For more information, please contact the MDA at 822-6920.