#29 Visit a museum in Washington D.C. that I haven’t yet.

National Gallery of Art, Sculpture Garden

I have the amazing opportunity to visit Washington D.C. in May every year. Each time, I take the time to visit a new museum. This year, having gone through all the typical Smithsonian’s, I decided to do something different. This year I visited two places – The National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden and the Smithsonian Gardens’ Butterfly Garden Habitat. What amazing places. There is some beautiful art in the Sculpture Garden – huge pieces made out of the most unusual things. This tree made out of concrete and metal was one of my favorites. As you can see by the people walking by, it’s gigantic.

The Butterfly Habitat

I really liked the Butterfly Habitat. There were some of the most beautiful plants in there. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see any butterflies. It was either the wrong season or the wrong day for them to come out to play, however, I did learn some amazing facts about gardens and of course butterflies. I would recommend both these places to anyone wanting a new experience.

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