#25 Have a Snowball Fight

I can’t remember ever having a snowball fight. Having grown up in Vegas, we don’t get a whole lot of snow so there aren’t a great many opportunities. However, when I’ve watched them on T.V. shows, they always seem like so much fun that I’ve decided to partake in one before my 30th birthday.

On Sunday, four friends and I went up to Mt Charleston to play in the snow. The whole way up the mountain all I could think was “here’s my chance”. We picked a spot to play and piled out of the car. Bundled in our snow gear and with a sled in hand, we went in search for the perfect snow.

Alas, the perfect snow could not be found. Unfortunately for us it was icy and hard and not at all soft and snowball-able. We did manage to dig and shovel piles of snow at each other, but I don’t think that quite counts as a “snowball fight”.

As a result, I am more determined then ever to have a full out snowball fight. Join me Sunday, February 27th, 1pm up on Mt. Charleston for the snowball fight to beat all snowball fights…I dare you.


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