“If you don’t create change, change will create you” – Unknown

The Real Life Yellow Brick Road

Written by an ICAN Youth Staff

An I.C.A.N youth staff went on the yellow brick road to Camp Lee Canyon. The journey was long and worth it. The first time the youth staff went to camp, they all defeated the east witch of all that was evil, lame and stupid. It was so wonderful there. People had so many colors, all sorts of colors. Blues and reds, pinks and purples not a gray in sight.

At camp there are three witches of greatness, the awesome witch of the west Jamie, the princess witch of the north Jessica, and the Yoda witch of the south Mary. All three witches helped the other youth staff and munchkins of the camp through whatever their troubles were. 

The youth staff walked along the yellow brick dirt covered road she looked to her left then to her right and behind her to see if any friends were behind her. She kept on walking forward thinking of all the greatness to come up at camp. She stopped and heard a faint noise and looked to her left again a young boy sat crying quite scared and confused, all his color had gone he was gray. The youth staff walked over and used her super care bear skills to comfort the crying boy.

 “Now now, why are you crying?” asked the youth staff.

“Well, I’ve lost my way. I’ve done bad things and I don’t know how to stop from doing them again. I have to want just not the support or tools. I need help and I need it now.”

“I see, what is your name?” the youth staff held his hand.

“Fred, my name is Fred.”

“What have you done Fred to put you in such pain?”

“I did drugs and lost all that I love. My real friends won’t talk to me, my mom can’t look at me, my grade are falling and I can’t control my self, it’s like I’ve lost my mind.”

The youth staff gave him a hug as he began to cry again. “It’s ok. Come with me Fred. I have friends who can help you find your way.”

“But I’ve done such horrible things, they won’t like me.”

“My friends will not judge you just help you, come with me I know this will work.”

Fred stood up with the youth staff and they continued their walk towards camp hand in hand. No words came out of their mouth. The wind rushed past them. They got quite far until a squeak hit the ears of the youth staff. She stopped dead.

“What’s wrong?” Fred looked around.

“Don’t you hear that?” the youth staff searched for the maker of the squeak. “There!” she pointed to a pale white girl. The youth staff and Fred walk over to this mysterious girl and knelt down to where she was sitting.

“hello” the youth staff touched the girl’s shoulder. The girl replied by attacking the youth staff with a hug. Fred stepped back unaware what was happening. “What’s wrong?”

“I-I” the girl stuttered, “Sometimes I just feel so alone. When people pick on me and call me names because I’m bigger, or I’m smarter, because I’m not cool enough, or sometimes for no reason at all. I used to wear bright col-colors and fun clothes. But the bullying was too much” the girl held onto the youth staff. “I used to like my self, and now I feel alone and like nobody likes me. It’s like they’re all heart less.”

“What’s your name” the youth staff rubbed her back.


“That’s a beautiful name.”

“Thank you”

“It’s nothing to thank, I’m simply stating the truth. I think you should come with us.”

“Where?” Galinda looked up into the youth staff’s eyes.

“A place that can help you love your self and not feel so alone.” The youth staff stood up. Galinda and Fred followed. They all held hands, Galinda in the youth staffs right hand and Fred in the left.  Again they walked in silence; there was no need to talk. Galinda and Fred were hesitant to keep going up the large hill but the combination of the youth staff’s care bear powers and belief in her camp kept them going. They could she camp’s cabins all lined up.

“It’s just over there” the youth staff smiled and squeezed the Fred and Galinda’s hands.

“Excuse me,” a small voice called from behind them. They stopped and turned around to see an extremely tall boy with a washed out grey color.

“Yes, how can we help you?” asked the youth staff with a wide smile over taking her whole face.

“Well, I don’t believe in myself and I can’t stand up to other people or do what I want. In need some courage and some friends. I was walking when I heard you talking to the boy,” he looked at Fred, “and the girl,” he looked a Galinda. He looked back at the youth staff “I heard you say there was a place where the people don’t judge you and you can get your color back, is that true?”

The youth staff let go of Fred and Galinda “it is, would you like to come with us?” she held out her hand for the boy. He took it in his. “Let’s go the, shall we?”

The four of them held hands all the rest of the way up the hill. When they arrived the three witches stood at the opening of the camp.

“Who did you bring?” asked Jamie the witch of awesome.

“A few friends who need some help. This is Galinda,” Galinda gave a slight smile. “This is Fred,” Fred waved to the witches. “And this is-” the youth staff stopped, she didn’t know his name.

“My name is Justin” the boy said

“Hello to all of you!” the princess almost yelled with a smile.

“Awesome you will all become,” said the witch of Yoda.

“Come on in,” The witch of awesome gestured.

That week Fred, Galinda, and Justin all made you friends and got what they needed to help them thorought live, in camp, and back down the hill. When the youth staff saw them later that week all three had their color back. Fred a bright purple. Galinda a rainbow. Justin a bright blue. They gave the youth staff a death griping hug and whispered to her “ you saved my life.”

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