Everything is for sale at the right price.


This phrase was uttered by my Control Your Cash mother every time she sold our house. I learned to pack efficiently and move often. In thirty years, I have live in two states, eight cities, and fifteen homes (most of which were still considered part of the greater Las Vegas area). I own more plastic storage tubs than any one person should. It’s no wonder every two years I feel an itch to pack and move somewhere new. Good thing I’m a professional.

Packing/Unpacking is my favorite part. When I was a kid and had to clean my room (which I HATED), I would pretend I was packing. I would put all the toys, clothes, and what not into boxes and laundry baskets, move them out of my room (sometimes this even included the furniture), then turn around and move everything back in again. It made cleaning my room take all day, but it made it more fun. Almost like an adventure.

As a result, I think of packing and moving more of a way to ‘spring clean’. Usually I have months to pack. I start early, taking advantage of the fact that I have to touch everything I own to pack it away. If I don’t know what it is, no longer use it, or simply don’t want it anymore, it doesn’t get packed. Instead it gets thrown away, sold, or donated. By the time I’m ready to move, I have the mother of all garage sales (make a few hundred dollars) and move on to the next house a little bit lighter.

I bring this up because I started packing today. Yes, the itch has set in yet again.

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