‘What the Hell are you doing here?” – The West Wing

I was raised in a Catholic household and went to mass every Sunday, one of my favorite courses in college was the History of Religion, and since graduation I have been reading various works of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins, and the like. Through all this, I have come to one major conclusion – the universe listens.

In 2011, I have become purposeful in my intentions, gratitudes, and affirmations and what I have discovered is truthfully amazing. When I am positive, when I say strong and powerful affirmations, my day is exciting, fun, and filled with opportunity. When my affirmations and self-talk is negative, I get negative results. The challenge is to wake up and before I even turn on the tv, my phone, or my computer, give thanks and start my day on the right foot – with positive and energetic affirmations. My favorites being “I am an opportunity magnet” and “People say yes to me.”

Recently, I started re-watching The West Wing. (If you haven’t seen it, do. Aaron Sorkin is a genius.) I hope you take the time to watch the clip. It’s one of my favorite stories on the subject.

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