“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

A year ago, my friends gave me the best birthday gift ever, a Flip Video Camera. (What can I say, my friends are awesome.) Since then I have been spoiled. The Flip is so easy to use, the software comes loaded on the camera, and it’s pretty. I take it with me everywhere, annoying people with it they never know when a video of them singing the Star Spangled Banner in the middle of Disneyland is going to end up on Facebook.

Until Recently, I didn’t realize how spoiled I had become. Two weeks ago I had the idea to video a group of my fellow REALTORS(R) singing Happy Birthday to a colleague. Unfortunately, when the time came to record it, I had left my Flip in the hotel room. Never fear, I had my camera. We recorded the video and all was well. That is until I went to upload the video. You see the Flip has everything you need to upload and edit right in the camera itself. With the built in USB port, I can quickly and easily upload a video while waiting for my Starbucks order to be filled. My Kodak doesn’t. I needed the cord (which I had to find) and then I had to download the video onto the computer, edit and save it, and then, finally, post to Facebook.

The Flip has practical uses as well. With my students, I use it to record them so they can study their sound, facial expressions, and body language. I use it for Women’s Council, recording meetings and testimonials. Most importantly, I use it for my business. Many times I have brought my Flip with me as I preview homes, recording them for out of state clients or buyers who want to “see” the property before writing an offer. Bottom line? In the year since getting my Flip, I have found a thousand ways to use it that not only make me more efficient but are also just plain fun.

Now if only I can get over my aversion to being on video, I might have recorded this blog post.

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