“I guess when you turn off the main road, you have to be prepared to see some funny houses” – Stephen King

New roads make my day.

It comes from my childhood. I was growing up in Vegas while the 215 was being built. It was a BFD. Most of us couldn’t imagine this “ring around the valley”. Yet every time a new entrance opened, we went for a drive. Not because we had anywhere to go, but because we wanted to experience something new.

This obsession carries on today. While most are irritated by construction (I will admit that’s sometimes me), I look forward to the day the trucks, flags, and cones are gone leaving a new adventure. All that’s left is a newly paved road and a sense of adventure. Nothing makes me happier then to find a new way to get somewhere (and avoid the freeway as much as possible.) Yes, I could be like everyone else and take the freeway everywhere, but if I did that I’d miss out on the scenery. I’d miss out on seeing the Vegas Happy Man dancing on the street corner, watching the picket lines at any Wal*Mart, or discovering a new book store.  Taking the freeway means I would miss seeing the plane in Wayne Newton’s backyard or Lonnie Hammergren’s house in all its eccentric glory.

Now we are entering the holiday season with festive lights and ridiculously huge and slightly over the top blow up decorations. Why would anyone want to miss that?

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