“You put high heels on and you change” Manolo Blahnik

Every woman has that one special pair of shoes. The pair that she puts on and automatically feels sexier, smarter, and  more confident. Stepping into them makes her feel like she can take on the world and anything it throws her way.

Mine are red.

I always wanted to own red shoes. There is something just a little bit scandalous about them. The color is bold and somewhat impractical and because of that I never let myself actually by a pair. And then the perfect excuse presented itself, a wedding; after all if the bride says you wear red shoes, you wear red shoes.

There they were, sitting in my closet next to my bridesmaid’s dress, waiting for the big day and shouting wear me. I couldn’t resist, I have to break them in. I don’t want my feet to hurt on Samantha’s big day, right?

So yesterday I took them out for a spin, I just couldn’t resist anymore. The minute I slipped them onto my feet I felt powerful, strong, and confident. I walked around all day with that glorious feeling. As a result I was more productive, more articulate, and in general more fun to be around.

The shoes aren’t really magic, I know that. The shoes are an anchor, a trigger. Something tangible that flips that switch in my brain to say today we are going to kick some major ass.

But oh they feel good.

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