“It made a difference for that one.” – Loren Eiseley

Unconditional Love.

It certainly exists. Every year I witness it en mass and yet when it happens on an individual basis I am surprised and truthfully a little confused.

In ICAN we teach and mentor our kids with the idea that they are worthy of love; love from their family, friends, and most importantly themselves. We love them, unconditionally, from the moment they get off that bus because we know they are taking the risk to allow us to help them change their lives. Yet there are times when I don’t think we as the adults realize that everyday they are saving our lives.  That the love, hugs, smiles, jokes, etc they give us in return have such a profound impact on our lives, our souls.

The most humbling is when the tables are turned. When one of them knows you’ve had a rough day and calls you or they witness you about to cry, so tired and so beat down, they simple give you a hug. It’s the text message saying “I love you” in the middle of the day, the funny video on your Facebook, or the phone call yelling at you to go to sleep. As my friend Mary is fond of saying “Sometime your starfish…they’ll save you back.”

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