“It’s tangible, it’s solid, it’s beautiful. It’s artistic, from my standpoint, and I just love real estate.” ~ Donald Trump

I recently learned about one of the best kept secrets in real estate, the VA Vendee program.

See the VA is probably one of the only banks looking at our current economic situation and going, how can we find a win-win in the market. How can we rebound while helping the market rebound. The answer…the VA Vendee.

VA Vendee is financing on any VA owned property. Financing that anyone can apply for and that beats almost any program out there.  Here’s a quick snapshot of what it offers:

Owner Occupied – If you are buying a personal residence VA Vendee offers O% down and up to 2% for closing costs.

Investor – If you are a “seasoned” investor, meaning you own at least 1 rental property that cash flows, you are eligible for 5% down and no cap on the number of properties you can own.

Obviously there are specifics per loan applicant, just like in any other loan program, but for the most part there is no catch.

Which leads me to ask just one question…Why aren’t the other programs like HUD, Freddie, and Fannie doing this?

*If you want a list of the available VA Vendee properties in Las Vegas, please email me at Jessica@todsellsvegas.com

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