“Everyone says buying your first apartment makes you feel like an adult. What no one mentions is that selling it turns you right back into a child.” ~ Anderson Cooper

You’ve heard many things about the real estate market. “There’s lots of inventory.” “Prices are low.”  “Why rent if you can buy?”

You’re tired of paying rent to a landlord instead of to yourself.

You’ve decided to buy your first home…now what.


Kind of. Before you shop, there are a few things you need to do first.

1.) Hire an agent (me), preferably someone who specializes in buyers (again, me). Request a contract called a Buyer Brokerage Agreement. This agreement protects you from the agent never calling you back. It puts you in the driver’s seat making you the boss.

2.) Shop for a lender. Not all lenders are created equal. They each have access to different programs and fee structures. Interview at least three different lenders, before making your decision to make sure you get the best rate, fees, and terms to fit your needs.

3.) Get pre-approved.  Once you’ve decided on your lender, take the steps to become pre-approved. a pre-approval letter is stronger and holds more weight with potential sellers.

Now you’re ready to shop!

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