“We are the children of a technological age. We have found streamlined ways of doing much of our routine work.” – Lawrence Clark Powell

One of my best friends is getting married. It’s an exciting and stressful time. There are many details and a massive to do list. Bookstore shelves are filled with books and magazines that offer tips, suggestions, and sample checklists, but are they becoming obsolete?

Weddingwire.com is the one stop shopping for a wedding website for forums, vendors, ideas, wedding websites and much more. Once you register it helps you stay on task with one of the most efficient checklists I have ever seen. It even yells at you if you start to procrastinate.

Additionally, weddingwire helps you stay on budget for the big day with a budgeting tool. Create your budget, track payments, set up reminders, everything you need to control your cash. And speaking of controlling your cash, it’s free. (Probably the only thing involved in a wedding that is.)

My absolute favorite part is the online guest list. Similar to evite, weddingwire collects and stores your RSVPs. What’s really cool, is it goes a step further. On one site, you can upload your guest list, select which events each guest is invited to and view replies. Your guests can still receive snail mail wedding announcements and invitations (to the reception, ceremony, shower, etc.), but respond with the click of one button to everything.

Technology makes our lives easier, it can even run them for us. It just leaves me to ponder…what will they think of next?

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