“Everyone always wants some new things. Everyone likes new inventions, new technology.” ~ The Office

I often have buyers who are purchasing property without ever having looked at it. This market moves very quickly, so there isn’t a lot of time for the luxury of waiting a few days to write an offer so someone can fly into town. By that time, the property is either gone or has multiple offers. This means agents have to be creative when working with out of town buyers.

One of the greatest websites for this is Qik.com. Qik allows me to take streaming video from my phone. How does this work? A property matching my clients criteria comes on the market, I visit the property and using the application on my phone, record a video. As I am recording, Qik is sending it to their website live. It also saves the entire file so if my client is not online, I can send them an email with the video link to view.

Not working with out of state buyers? Another practical application has been to use the site in cases where a couple is purchasing a home and only one person could meet me to view the house or where the buyer may want the opinion of friends and family before making the purchase. Instead of visiting the property multiple times, I take the video on the first visit and send it the buyer who can then send it their circle of influence.s

One of my other favorite things about this application is that it allows me the ability to privatize any videos. This way I have control over who sees what. I get all the benefits of the site, while the seller gets peace of mind that their vacant (or not so vacant) house will be all over the internet.

What would normally take a few days, now only takes a few hours and allows my clients the opportunity to put their offers in a lot faster. It’s a practical application and the best part is, its FREE and it works on most smartphones.

*A word of caution. These videos are taken on the phone so they tend to be a bit shaky and anything you say will be recorded.

Here’s a sample of a video I took.

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