“The era of ‘Yes’ has begun” – Yes Man

Recently a friend of mine was telling me about how she changed the title of her “someday list” to a “when the opportunity comes list”. As a result she accomplished and experienced some truly amazing things in 2009 and had a lot of fun. This was one of those brilliant “aha” moments for me. My “someday list” has turned into a “when I have the money list” or a “when I lose weight list” brushing things off with excuse after excuse.

This made me think. Some of the best things I have done in my life have happened almost spontaneously. Driving to Disneyland at 5am and spending all day with friends was not only rejuvenating but allowed me the opportunity to strengthen some friendships. Finally saying yes to LB2 allowed me to Master Grad. Joining Tod Barton and Associates and freeing myself up to the opportunity to grow in my business.

It’s like the Jim Carrey movie Yes Man. In the movie Carrey’s character was told he could only say yes, which lead to some amazing experiences. The movie was fiction and a bit over the top, yet the principle idea is the same. What would happen if we changed the way we talked to ourselves? What if instead of rationalizing why we couldn’t do something we simply said yes?

So here is my question to you, what would you do this year if there was nothing standing in your way? What opportunities would you say yes to?

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